On being tested…

Last night was the first of many tests I will be facing this holiday season.  While Thanksgiving was a major test for some people, it wasn’t for me because those aren’t the foods that are my triggers.  My main temptation is chocolate, but good cheese is close behind it.  Oh, and crackers to go with the cheese.  Definitely that too.

We had people over for dinner last night.  I planned a simple meal:

  • appetizers: a small tray with cheeses, crackers, grapes, and roasted almonds
  • dinner: pizza from Whole Foods and a salad very lightly dressed with a good vinaigrette
  • dessert: For the adults, a few brownies and bars from Whole Foods, cut into bite-sized pieces.  For the children, decorate-your-own cookies

Not a bad menu.  With careful planning, I could enjoy a little of everything.

The appetizers were tempting but I sat a good distance back from the coffee table and limited myself on how much I could have.  So far, so good.

Dinner was also pretty easy.  A nice salad and a slice of cheese and pesto pizza on a whole wheat crust.  Again, so far, so good.

Dessert was harder.  By that point, I was tired from a long busy day and I just wanted to relax and not worry about anything.  I had told myself how many “bites” of dessert I could have.  I went over my limit a little, but as the pieces were tiny, I’m not upset with myself.

I now feel more confident about facing the holiday season.  As long as I practice restraint, things should be fine.  Planning in advance what I will and will not eat, as well as how much, should do the trick.  Sitting some distance from trays of food will also be in my game plan.  The salad with dinner was also a huge help as it helped fill me up so that I wasn’t crazed with hunger and lunging for any and all foods.

How about you guys?  Any of you have any coping strategies for the holidays?


9 responses to “On being tested…

  1. Triggers… blah.

    I’m being hit with them left and right. My MIL sprung a full course Thanksgiving dinner on me Saturday afternoon when I took the kids over to play. Whee, surprise. Once again… I did OK, but not stellar. I will be happy with maintanance this week, shocked if I lose weight. Feeling a touch sabotaged, but then again… I was the one putting the food in my mouth.


  2. I keep saying as soon as I get my company out of the house I can go back to eating oatmeal and a hard boiled egg or cottage cheese and V-8 (all of which I really like to eat) rather than german pancakes and hot chocolate (which I also like to eat)

    The good news is I AM SO SICK of food right now I am looking forward to getting back on track and treating my body the way it deserves. (My 4 month old son will also be delighted because he is suffering with my food choices along with my big booty)

    Yum. Whole Foods pizza.

  3. Coping strategies, coping strategies… Right now I’m just trying hard not to gain. Instead of worrying about daily points or calories, I’m focusing more on how many points/calories I am eating each week. That way, if I have a bad day with a party or some holiday treat, I can correct it the next day. Looking at it from a weekly perspective, and not freaking out over a particular day, seems to help me not get so – “WELL, I RUINED IT, might as well binge” – about it.

  4. Jen, way to go! That’s very impressive!

    As for me, I’m so off the wagon. Wasn’t it just a few days I was so excited because I had worked out?? Where is that girl? I want her back.

    I’m ready to get to work tomorrow so I can get out of the house and away from the food. Right now, there is almost half a sweet potato pie, more than a quarter of a plum spice bundt cake, a slice of pumpkin praline cake, a ziploc bag of honeybaked ham, another of smoked turkey breast, two bags of chips, homemade sugar cookies…all kinds of stuff that on a typical day isn’t here.

    I feel like I’ve been eating for two days. I don’t think I’ve been hungry once during those two days but by golly there is GOOD FOOD here so it is my moral duty to eat it. I mean, crap.

    Like bonthemama I feel a wee bit sabatoged. Also, though, I’m the one who shoveled it in and who hasn’t thrown all this mess out. (I did send a lot home with my brother and parents – we just had ton o’ food.)

    None of this bodes well for tomorrow’s weigh in. I’ve got a half a turkey sandwich ready for lunch, along with exactly one serving of baked chips, healthy granola bars, and 100 calorie snacks for the next few days at work.

    Wish me well.

  5. Way to go.

    I chew gum at parties (especially around desserts). It helps a lot.

  6. Brilliant.

    My only strategy is not to have sweets in the house. Or salts. Or…umm…oi. I am weak.

  7. Cheese is a killer. Good cheese (and by that I mean yummy, not quality) is very dangerous especially when it is paired with sour cream!

  8. I just got through Thanksgiving and haven’t thought much about my stragedy for all the Christmas goodies. It’s going to be impossible for me if they are in the house so I’m going to try to keep them out. If someone gives us some goodies, I will have a little bit and then take it to work. That’s all I have for now.

  9. Me too with the cheeeeeese. So good!

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