Bad habits

Posted by Jen:

Starting a new weight loss program means breaking some bad habits or, in my case, a lot of them. A real whole lot. A lotta lotta lot.

Such as, having dessert after breakfast. Okay, not often, but I have been known to chase my Wheaties with M&Ms.

Or, having a pick-me-up snack at 10:30 a.m. Often, more chocolate. Or possibly, chips. I don’t have just a sweet tooth, I also have a salt tooth. (Or whatever it should be called.)

And then of course, dessert after lunch. Why yes I do believe I will have a ginormous bowl of Java Chip ice cream.

Later in the afternoon, another snack of Pringles, with a chaser of Kit Kats. Again, the sweet and salty combo.

After dinner, I do believe I’d like another big bowl of ice cream.

Later in the evening, after my children have been tucked in bed, I remember the M&Ms and decide to have some while I read. And then some more and then more.

On the weekends, it’s worse. Who needs lunch when I can just graze all day, alternating between sweet and salty? While reading a book, my hand starts seeking out a snack that I can eat mindlessly while I enjoy the latest John Grisham. Or, I wake up from a blissful nap, thinking of salty buttery popcorn — again with a chaser of chocolate.

And then there’s the stress eating. Last week, when I had already started Weight Watchers, one of my dear friends had to go to the ER (she’s fine now). I met her and her husband there and collected there three children, tossed them in the minivan with my two girls (Yay! Impromptu playdate!), and brought everyone back to my house. My first thought upon walking in the door was, I really really REALLY need some chocolate. NOW. NOW. NOW. Pre-WW, I would have dived face first into a pool of ice cream. Or climbed a mountain of Oreos. Or traversed a field of Hershey’s Kisses. Instead I nibbled on a carrot stick while I fixed the children some juice and pretzels.

I have so many bad eating habits to break, that it could seem overwhelming. Surprisingly, it’s turning out to be much easier than I had thought it would be. I just have to be mindful, very mindful, at all times and not let my hand just reach automatically into the pantry for something yummy. My brain still tells me, “Ooh Jen! You know what would taste really good right now? A handful of M&Ms. There are some in the pantry.” But I just ignore the impulse and remind myself for the eleventy squillionth time that I don’t need the damn M&Ms and that what I do need is a healthier, much smaller body. If that doesn’t work, I remind myself about all the cute clothes I’m going to buy when I hit my target weight. THAT usually does the trick.


12 responses to “Bad habits

  1. Oooo…brilliant post Jen! Funny, insightful, inspiring, and…funny! You’re a delight to read. =)

    I wish I’d read this before eating half a sleeve of Simple Pleasures spice snaps.

    I’ll drink half a gallon of water before bed…that’ll just flush it through, right? =P

  2. Jen,
    You eat dessert after breakfast? I eat dessert FOR breakfast. I don’t know anything better than a big slice of Costco All American chocolate cake first thing in the morning.
    As for the salty sweet combination, I’m with you on that one. I used to go to the mall to get a box of Karmelcorn that was half carmel, and half cheese popcorn. It just makes it so you don’t get too tired of one flavor, and so you end up eating more.
    I have a huge ice cream addiction. I have discovered that Breyers Carb smart ice cream is really pretty good. It’s low in carbs, (as long as you don’t cover it with chocolate sauce and whipping cream) and satifies my ice cream cravings. DH likes to combine it with diet root beer for a root beer float. Wal mart has the Carb smart ice cream in Rocky road. My personal favorite.
    I also have the grazing problem. I don’t keep any goodies out in plain sight. If it takes some effort to get to the snacks, it gives me the moment I need to decide that I don’t really need it.
    My current temptation is the leftover halloween candy in my pantry. It’s the big 12 lb costco bag. The good stuff (chocolate mix). The bag is unopened, and I know the minute there is even the tiniest hole in the bag, I will loose the battle. I think I will send it with DH to scouts this week.
    We went to my niece’s birthday party tonight, and I did have a piece of cake, but no ice cream. They also had pumpkin pie, but I resisted šŸ™‚
    Cute clothes are a great motivator. I have a closet full that I bought the last time I lost weight. I want to wear them again before they go out of style.

  3. Wonderful, Jen. I’m a major grazer. I’d rather never have a meal and just snack all day long. That way I can justify it – “but I didn’t eat lunch” “but I didn’t eat dinner” – NO, but you did eat 3200 calories already today and it’s only 4:00!

  4. I always enjoy reading your posts. I bet we can all relate, I certainly can. The eating while reading thing is the worse – I know because that’s my fatal habit, the one I most want to do when I’ve had a trying day, when I’m disappointed or sad or irritated, when I feel like I “deserve” it. It’s the perfect combination of two of my most loved things: books and food. Dangerous!

    I have trained myself to eat apple slices and trail mix. It’s not quite the same but it makes me feel virtuous later. I like feeling virtuous so that helps.

  5. I’ve often heard people say that “Nothing tastes as good as thin feels” but have those people had Tillamook Ice Cream? I think they might change their mind if they had.

    I always feel like I need a shot of sweet to chase all my meals but especially at night after dinner. Watching TV is just not the same without some kind of sweet treat. I am trying to train myself to stop that thinking. It’s hard.

    Darn that sweet creamy chocolate anyway. They need to make a pill that I can take that would make me sick every time I partake. I would totally pay for that pill :op

  6. I think this post should be in a new category: “food porn.”

    Great post. It takes a lot of hard work. You can do it!

  7. This is lovely…and so true of me as well. My biggest problem is giving into whatever impulse rules me, whether it be salt or sweet, or whatever.

  8. Now, surely you are not really THAT surprised your clothes are a bit tight if you have been having dessert at breakfast….

    It is great you are able to ignore the urge – the pleasure of eating that food is so short lived (until it ends up on your hips).

  9. This plate of Ritz crackers with a side of butter on my computer desk has suddenly grown big eyes and a big hand which is now drumming it’s fingers on the faux oak pressboard at me. Can you hear it? It’s going…uh huh…

  10. Wonderful post Jen…

  11. Funny, funny, funny! True, true, true!

  12. Oh man, I’m craving snacks now!

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