The day after…

Okay everyone, let’s check in and see how we all did on Thanksgiving.

I attended TWO food orgies yesterday — lunch and dinner.  Lunch was at my aunt’s country club, so I was able to choose what to eat, including the entree.  I got out of there having eaten only a salad, a few bites of salmon (too many points to eat a full serving), and a dinner roll.   Dinner was at my mother’s house and the food offerings were harder to resist.  I kept my portion sizes small and didn’t go back for seconds.  I also had a sliver of pumpkin pie — a homemade one I had made, including cooking and pureeing the pumpkin.  That said, I ended up using some discretionary points, but not too many.  I’ll be going for an extra long walk today to make up for it.

How did everyone else do?


12 responses to “The day after…

  1. Not as badly as I thought. My immediate family was scattered to the four winds, so I went to a neighbor’s for a lovely dinner of beef tenderloin and all the fixin’s, including chocolate cake. I probably fudged the numbers just a bit, but my calorie total for yesterday was in the low 2000’s, and my average for the week in well within my target range. And I had an excellent dinner!

    It did prompt me to get on the stairstepper for an extra few minutes yesterday.

  2. I did pretty good. I had one plate of food, and gave 1/4 of it to my toddler.
    I waited a while before having dessert, and then decided that I didn’t need it. After the sweet potatoes that my
    mom made, I didn’t need any dessert. (they were SO sweet).
    We usually go to 2 dinners, but this year we decided we would only go to one.
    This made it so much easier to eat sensibly.
    Unfortunately, I didn’t get on the treadmill. My kids want to go Christmas shopping today.
    Will shopping the day after Thanksgiving with 3 kids count as exercise?

  3. Honestly? I totally screwed up. Lots of pie was eaten. Lots of mashed potatoes. I’m glad it’s over and I’m ready to make a bunch of progress before Christmas. Christmas doesn’t seem to be as tempting for me.

  4. Jill – yes, of course it counts! Think of all the walking!

  5. Wow, you did great Jen! I found it soooo easy not to indulge. Could be because North of the border Thanksgiving was over a month ago. Hee hee. =) Congrats!

  6. Kymburlee, Thanksgiving is just not that big a deal to me food-wise. Pumpkin and pecan pies are not my triggers.

    Christmas, on the other hand, is going to be much harder, as the foods of the season are my triggers.

  7. I was surprised at how “not great” I did. Not horrible, but not great. Yesterday was a highly emotional day for me for starters, and I think that threw me off my game. That said, I did not completely blow it… I had one slice of my dads sugar free pumpkin pie and two small home made candies, small portions and no seconds of the usual suspects.

    Except for my moms stuffing. The stuffing KILLED ME! She hasn’t made this stuff since my childhood, and it is TDF to DIE for. I also took home yet another serving of it in a tupperware, and after going back for my third nibble on a full stomach last night, I called it a day and threw it in the garbage. I am sad to see that I cannot be trusted.

    This morning I was out there at 8am for my hour and ten of fast walking, tomorrow I run. I have done nothing that I cannot recover from.

  8. I actually did pretty good yesterday. I swear I think that morning workout did the trick!

    Today has been a different story! I’ve had a houseful of company, family who I dearly love and don’t get to see often. But that’s got my six year old off kilter and off routine. There’s been an 18 month old around, which none of us are used to and I’d frankly forgotten how stressful that can get at times.

    I’ve been on edge most of the afternoon and evening so what do I – eat! Ugh.

  9. Well, I started the day off by cleaning the house from top to bottom so I totally count that as a work out, it’s a 2 story house which helps.

    I did pretty good, I ate everything I wanted but in reasonible amounts and just one serving of both the food and desserts.

    This morning I got up and shopped for 5 hours which has to have at least burned off the sliver of pumpkin pie right? :o)

    Good job everyone!!

  10. I did horrible but I had a great time and it is only once a year. I’ll be back on board tomorrow and will be able to get rid of the fluffy that I padded myself with yesterday.

    Tis the season.

  11. We went out to eat (heavenly) and I only ate what was on my plate. I wasn’t even “stuffed”. I felt way better afterward than the turkey coma I’m normally in.

  12. Let’s see, I was eating Indian food in a tent. I am pretty sure I lost weight on the biggest food day of the year. (My family went on a trip to help us not miss our family in the U.S.)

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