It’s a Love/Hate Thing

Does anybody else do this? Work hard and eat salads and weigh in and weigh in and weigh in and nothing, no change? Then, almost literally overnight, a weight loss? Cool, huh?

It happens to me several times. At first, it’s frustrating at first not to see a change. But then the nice drop is gratifying and comes just when I’m about to get disgusted and throw in the towel. 

Incidentally, this works the same in reverse; I eat whatever I want for a while, overindulge and hey – check me out – doesn’t show up on
the scale. I’m all, “Woo hoo! Suckah!” until like the next day, when something like four pounds show up.

When I started the weight loss regime in the summer, I decided Monday was Weigh In Day. I didn’t want to weigh every day, just because – too much time obsessing over the numbers, too little results. Weekly is better for me. Friday was my first thought for weigh in day but I know me; if on Friday morning I didn’t see the results I’d hoped for, there I’d have my excuse to eat to insanity all weekend. Ergo, Monday for Weigh In Day. It helps keep me honest over the weekend.

Last Monday when I weighed in, I had lost about a pound. Maybe.

My scale is a cheap one from Fred’s. It denotes the twenties – 140, 160, 180. It has slightly thicker black lines to mark the tens – 130, 150, 170. Tiny lines mark the five pound increments. If I move while standing on the scale, the pointer moves so I try to stay still and not even breathe very hard lest the little pointer move in the wrong direction.

Yesterday when I weighed in, no change. Maintaining is better than gaining, for sure. I’ll take that.

Odd, though, my clothes seem to be fitting more loosely. Yesterday at lunch a friend told me I was looking thin. She was being kind, as I’m
a long way from thin but still, I’ll take that compliment any day.

Odder still, that compliment has provided an awful lot of will power. Last night, after meeting the ex husband’s girlfriend to get my son
who’d spent the weekend with his dad (modern families!) it was well after seven when we got home and I was hungry and feeling a bit
overwhelmed at what all I need to do between now and lunch time Thursday and I really wanted to gorge on something. Instead, I ate a
half a turkey sandwich and the exact serving allotment of chips. I kept hearing that “thin” remark in my mind. It helped.

I’m not optimistic or unrealistic enough to hope for a loss come next Monday, a scant four days after Thanksgiving.  Maintaining will be welcome. The next week, though…I hope for a loss of some. Of course, I guess, one must leave the computer or the book or the TV and get up exercise for that to happen.

My original point was (sorry for rambling): what’s your weigh in routine? Do you have one? Why?  


12 responses to “It’s a Love/Hate Thing

  1. I’ve decided on Tuesday being the weigh in day. That’s the day this week that I replaced the batteries in the scale so I could get a starting point. I can’t weigh every day either or I would go insane. If I maintain this week with Thanksgiving tomorrow I’ll be okay with it. I know that I’m making better choices.

  2. Funny. I have the same problem. My scale registers 4 days later. And I have a good scale. ????

  3. i’ve started weighing in on Wednesdays for weighloss wednesdays, but before that it was Fridays. I’ve been a little obsessive about the scale and weighing every day multiple times, but I’m going to go back to the once a week thing.

  4. Maintaining is an excellent goal for Thanksgiving. As one of my bloggie friends pointed out, we shouldn’t set ourselves up to fail.

  5. Oops, I put that on the wrong post!

  6. Oh wait, no I didn’t. I am a dork. ANYWAY, ignore the last two comments.

    We’ve all gotta remember that there are so many factors that can affect what you weigh other than actual weight loss. This would be way too long for a blog post, so I’m gonna post about it. LOVED this post.

  7. I’m a daily weigher. My body tends to show me fairly immediate results. I’m weird that way. =)

  8. I vary. Sometimes I weigh myself a lot over the course of a day, and sometimes, I don’t weigh myself for a few days.

    But on my actual “weigh in” day, I wake up, use the bathroom, then weigh myself.

    I like the morning numbers better than the afternoon numbers. (shrug)

  9. I used to weigh myself daily but am going with weekly for now.

  10. I don’t even OWN a scale, but as I’m a WW girl… it’s once a week on Tuesdays.

    Yeah, I’ll work super hard for it for forever, losing a pound here, a half pound there , and then one week I drop off 6.6 pounds. The week after that I maintained and then the week after that I was back to a pound of loss. I don’t mind it so much, as I am pretty pleased overall with the pound/half-pound bit. That 6.6 pounds was freaking LIFE CHANGING though!

  11. I am an obsessive weigher. I weigh myself after every time I go to the bathroom – seriously, I have problems.

  12. First thing on Tuesday morning while I am still in my nightgown. It weighs the same everyday, that way I can’t tell myself “Obviously these pants are two pounds heavier than my other pants!” What is up with all the Tuesday weigh ins? I thought I was being tricky!

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