This just in: Science supports Housewife Tricks

Just saw this article on how it’s now scientifically proven that wearing a pedometer does help you take more steps and lose more weight! It says do at least 6,000 steps a day for health, 10,000 for weight loss.

Plus they’re cheap. This site has them starting at $1 and then fancier ones that count calories and more.


9 responses to “This just in: Science supports Housewife Tricks

  1. I can see that – it would be such a great reminder… Thanks for the link to the ped site!

  2. That’s it! I am putting pedometer on my Christmas list!

  3. Nifty! I’ve tried out various pedometers, and I highly recommend the Omron. Very reliable.

  4. My pedometer is from Weight Watchers. I don’t like it at all. It counts way too many steps for me. I guess I bounce a lot or something when I walk, but it was totally not worth the $25 I paid. I did get a great one, however, from Kaiser (Northern California). It allowed me to adjust the sensitivity, which was really nice. I’ll see if I can’t figure out what brand that was. Its broken now, but I don’t think I threw it away.

    (Plus the WW one is huge and shouts “hey WORLD, I’m wearing a friggin’ pedometer!. I prefer a more discrete model that keeps its mouth shut, if you know what I mean.)

  5. I rarely think about this but hey, it’s a good idea. What could it hurt.

    I’d wondered about how big they were. Like Paul, I think I’d feel self conscious walking around the office wearing one. Hmm.

    I may need to look into it.

  6. Pedometer, huh? As if I need another shining beacon of my nerdiness. Well, I guess I’ll try it if it means being able to wear cute jeans and make the other pre-school mom’s jealous.

  7. The cheapo one I had a few months ago (before baby smashed it into the grocery store floor) was about the size of a credit card, but about a half inch thick. Not at all obstrusive unless you tuck your shirt in.

  8. I have a pedometer…somewhere…
    Maybe I’ll get it out today and see how it goes. I would think that all my steps between the sink and table and baby’s crib would add up fast – but maybe I’m deluding myself.

    As for the obviousness of wearing one, in this world of cell phones, PDA’s etc I think a little square bulge at your belt-line is pretty normal.

  9. Thats Great guys if you need any tips or tricks check out my site

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