So what if I’m a NaziMom?

In the strictest sense of the word, I’m a self-proclaimed NaziMom. I have my kids on a schedule. We’re in bed at seven. Not 7:01, not 6:59. Seven. That’s it, no discussion.

And in due part to my delightful childhood, plus my need to parent from the couch for an extended period, I got a little worse.

See, the thing is, in my house growing up, my mom didn’t believe in grounding. Now that I’m a mother, I completely understand. It’s more of a punishment for the parent than the child.  We got to pull weeds and such.

And when I say and such, I mean sit-ups.

Not the rolly, fakey kind either. You were being sassy? 10 sit-ups.  You hit you sister with a spatula? 50 sit-ups. And there was no getting around it. You dropped on that floor, and you did each sit-up as fast as you can, with perfect execution. (Yes, because we all learned the hard way that you   do   not   roll.

“4……. 4…….. 4…….. I said sit up…..  4…….. 4….. 5….”

 You get the idea. So I’ve had my kids doing sit-ups for awhile. Well, sit-ups and jumping jacks. It’s really funny actually.

But in my new-found resolve, I’ve begun to “punish” myself. Mom’s getting a little too upset? 25 sit-ups. Mom’s trying to resist the urge to eat the Halloween stash? 50 sit-ups.  So far, I’m not doing too shabby. And my kids think it’s funny that I’m in trouble with my own self.

 I just wish I got into trouble a little more often…


10 responses to “So what if I’m a NaziMom?

  1. Creative parenting indeed! I’m stealing this idea on behalf of my children and myself.

  2. That is so funny! I’m going to try it out on my kids when they get older. My five and two year old would think it was way too much fun now… However, if I ate something I shouldn’t, on the spot discipline for one’s self is a GREAT idea!!

  3. That’s a great idea. I’ve heard of kids having to pull weeds, wash walls etc. I’m going to have to try this one when mine gets a bit older.

    I also like the idea of “punishing” yourself.

  4. You crack me up ;> I love your mom, and I love your self imposed punishments. What a great idea.

  5. Hm, I ‘ve been looking for alternatives to grounding…

  6. That is stinkin’ HILARIOUS! I, myself am known as the “Sleep Nazi.”

  7. Great ideas. I wish I had tried them on my four darlings.

  8. I can’t even count the ways you have just improved my life. My poor kids won’t know what hit them. (Que evil laugh)

  9. Wow! How cool are you? I’ve never even thought of a thing like that. That is verra verra interesting.

    I have a six year old son who is, ah, spirited! Independent, stubborn. The sit ups thing may just work with him.

    It’s certainly not a bad idea for me, either.

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