Hello everyone, my name is Amy. Lets just get the ugly numbers out of the way, shall we? I will be 36 in December, I am 5’9″ and I weigh 270 pounds. Blechhh.

My story is very similar to many already told here, with perhaps a small twist at the end. At the beginning of this year my husband accepted a position at work that moved our family from Arizona to India. New Delhi to be precise. (I write about our life in India on my blog.) We both saw this as a great opportunity to slim down and return home the good looking couple we started out as. Who couldn’t get skinny in India, right? I mean, there are no foods here that are remotely comforting to me and all you have to do is take a big swig of tap water to get several weight reducing medical conditions working for you. At first my plan was working and I dropped 40 pounds. Then I hit the spirit squashing plateau that all dieters are familiar with. To make things worse, in the last two months I have managed to put 20 pounds back on. Now honestly, it just is not fair to gain weight in a place with no M&M’s in sight!

Living in India does keep things interesting. Last week I took a visitor from the States to see the Lotus Temple. While we were walking up to the temple a giggling young woman asked if I would pose for a picture with her. Not wanting to make a fuss I agreed, said cheese (while she continued to giggle) and moved on. My companion asked why she would ask for a picture with me since there seemed to be a number of other white people around to choose from. My answer? “I’m the biggest, fattest white person she has ever seen and she wants proof for her friends.”

My biggest motivation: I want to spare my children this experience if at all possible.

My biggest obstacle: I hate exercise almost as much as I love snacking. 

What are your biggest motivations and obstacles?


11 responses to “Namaste!

  1. OH. MY. GOSH. That would so sending me running for ice cream. Yikes – I’m sorry that happened to you. Eeeeeeeek.

    Biggest motivation: I want to ski this winter!
    Biggest Obstacle: I love food. Love. Food.

  2. That? That breaks my heart more than just a little… I think I would have refused.

    Your numbers are almost EXACTLY my numbers currently…

  3. I too would have drowned my sorrows in ice cream. What a wanker! I am so sorry you had to endure it. I am sure I could find ways to gain weight in India; I am always finding new foods I love.

  4. I am quite certain that no matter where I was I would be able to gain weight. I have a special talent for it.

    I’m excited to hear more about your life in India.

    I’m sorry about the picture thing, people can be sooooo…well you know.

    Biggest Motivation: My son/I want to take him to Disneyland and be able to fit on all the rides

    Biggest Obstacle: Food is my drug/my happy pill.

  5. Biggest Motivation: I want people to hate me. in a nice sort of way.

    Biggest Obstacle: finding time to exercise.

  6. My jaw dropped when I read the photograph thing. There are some real jerks out there.

    Biggest movtivation: So many to list, but buying an all new cute wardrobe when I hit my goal!

    Biggest Obstacle: I just realized today that I have more or less figured out how to cheat on WW and slip in more treats, if I were so inclined, but I’m not going to allow my self to do so.

  7. Biggest motivations: I want to be secretly envied, I want to be healthy (my mum had a life threatening illness this summer, really got me back on track…for awhile), I want to set a good example, I want to be comfortable using those teeny-tiny public bathroom stalls, I want my hubby to peek in on me when I’m in the shower again, I want to be happy.
    Biggest Obstacle: I am so freakin’ lazy!

  8. Oh, honey, I’m with you. I just don’t like exercise. I like the way I feel afterwards and I like the little bounce in my step the rest of the day but none of that cancels out the dread in my heart for exercise. I’ve just never been that girl, the athletic, outdoorsy type.

    Alas, though, if we want to be healthy and happy, well, we’ve gotta do something!

    Is what I keep telling myself, anyway.

  9. Motivation: I want to feel good. Really good.
    Obstacle: I hate to exercise.

  10. In some countries being bigger just means you’re rich. So, hey, I might be fat, but I’ve got lots more money than them!

    Biggest motivation: Cute clothes (and underwear, if you know what I mean)

    Biggest obstacle: I love to cook and bake – it’s my passion.

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