Lies I Tell Myself

  • If you eat a cookie secretly, and nobody sees you, it only contains HALF the calories it normally would.
  • If you’re going to eat one cookie, you might as well eat twelve, because you already screwed up your diet.
  • Exercise is a waste of time.  You only burn 300 calories or so, if you’re lucky, and it’s a lot easier to just – not eat breakfast.
  • Not eating a brownie offered by a friend is really rude and will cause hurt feelings and all things considered, it’s better just to eat the brownie.  You know, for your friends.

Instead of writing my story, since I’m lazy, I’m just gonna link to where I posted it.  Back in JUNE.  Guess how much weight I have lost since June?  Did you say zero pounds and zero ounces?  Go ME!  Woo-hoo!

What weight loss lies do you tell yourself?


8 responses to “Lies I Tell Myself

  1. Wait. Those are lies? DAMMIT!

    Sue, I figure I’ve gained and lost about 200 pounds this year. Well, I’ve lost 200 and gained 215.

    We can do this. I’m trying to write every single thing that goes into my mouth down on paper. I don’t care if I’m just carrying something in my mouth, I’m writing it down.

    Oh, and I’m sorry that I used the fluffy before my name when I set up my account here. I wasn’t thinking and now I can’t change it. I wasn’t trying to just steal your whole identity or anything.

    Hang in there. It’s even harder to diet when you’re having a bad week. I’m working right now on my mindset that it’s a REWARD when I binge on food instead of realizing that it’s really PUNISHMENT.


  2. Did you know that

    -Over time, clothes can just magically start to shrink again in the wash
    -The food left over on your childs plate has no calories because it’s been sitting there for a while.
    -It’s bad luck if you don’t eat a piece of someones birthday cake
    -I can do anything a thin person can do.

  3. Barb, don’t worry about that at ALL. I don’t care even a teeny tiny bit, promise.

    Tonya, but, but, but – my jeans DO just magically shrink and then get large again. It’s magic, I know it is.

  4. My biggest one is, if I don’t weigh myself then I haven’t gained weight. I’ve got a post brewing about an ah-ha moment I’ve had, oh, at least a dozen times now. It helps every time I remember it, but how often I forget!

  5. Or how about: A bite of something yummy has zero calories. A second bite of something yummy also has zero calories.

  6. That’s not me… I don’t really look like that… What kind of camera was that anyhow?

  7. First of all, I think you’re cute. Not in the “I want to date you way”, because of course, I’m married – and straight- and Mormon. But I saw your picture and think you’re so dang cute!

    Anyway, aside from that. The only lies I tell myself are that I’ll work out tomorrow, eat better tomorrow, etc. I only do well when I start TODAY.

  8. Aw, thanks! I just want to clarify – I look like the second picture right now – not the first one. Thank goodness. Eeek. The first picture was taken right before I lost the first 40 pounds and makes me want to just – shoot myself in the head. I’m not sure why I let that lady talk me into bangs, but luckily they grew out quickly.

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