Hidy, I’m Barb

I’m Barb Cooper and I am fluffier than I’ve ever been without a child emerging from my body, like in the next two days. And that ain’t happening so I think we all know what I’m trying to say.

I’ve sort of had an on-again, off again love affair with my body. I was bulimic for much of my teens and all of my twenties (off) including the time when I was going through cancer treatment (off.) I beat the cancer but didn’t think I could ever have children. (Off.) And then I got healthy (on), discovered exercise as means of keeping my demons at bay (on) and miraculously became pregnant not once, but twice. (On! On!)

I’m 42 and earlier this year, I had major reconstructive foot surgery, which ended my days as a runner. But even before I had to quit running, my weight had crept up a bit –which is probably some sort of passive aggression toward my husband who continues to get in better and better shape. He looks better than he did in High School. Me? Not so much. I have thirty pounds to lose now and I need to find a new form of exercise that doesn’t make me want to cry. I need it, not only because my metabolism is so slow but also to manage the stress of our impending move from Texas to Long Island.

I blog about everything at http://www.sothethingisblog.blogspot.com and I also write a sporadic parenting/humor column for a small subscription list. My archives of the column are at http://www.sothethingis.com

I’m really looking forward to trying something new because everything else I’ve tried has pretty much been an abysmal failure. I’ve joined Weight Watchers no fewer than eight times and never lost more than five pounds –you would think that would be a clue that maybe I was throwing my money away but um… well, no.

Anyway, thanks for letting me play.



9 responses to “Hidy, I’m Barb

  1. Okay, so I have to confess right here that I am new to WordPress and I am sort of nervously waiting to see if I really did, indeed, upload a small swatch of my hair as my avatar.

    If my life gets any more glamorous, there will be no living with me at all.

  2. Hey and welcome! I had the same avatar concern – turned out okay, phew! Exercise that doesn’t make you cry, eh? Heck, I’ve never had the crying problem, but then, I’ve never managed to exercise for more than five minutes in one go. Hence the fluffiness. =)

  3. Hi Barb–you mentioned you had joined WW several times. Are you currently enrolled or is it just something that you have done before? Just wondering because I was STARVING on WW and never lost much weight either.


  4. Hey Barb, looking forward to reading more about you.!

  5. Hi Barb, it’s tough when you have foot problems. I have had 3 surgeries on one of mine so I can relate. I’m glad to meet you and look forward to walking this journey together.

  6. Barb, I had an achilles tendon injury a few years ago that led to months of physical therapy, so I understand about your foot injury. Have you tried swimming or biking?

    As for your love/hate relationship with your body, I would have to say that you have really been through a lot, so my view would be to love yourself for overcoming the bulimia and cancer and to then have two successful pregnancies. So, YAY you!!!!

    As for the diet stuff, I’m new to WW, so I don’t have anything to offer right now other than lots of support.

  7. When I married my husband, he was a little bit fluffy and has always been that way. All of a sudden he’s Mr. Fitness freak. I’m trying to love him anyway.

    Glad to hear your story Barb.

  8. I read your other blog and enjoy it, as I see I will your posts here.

    Like you, if I could find some exercise that I didn’t dread for hours beforehand, I’d be doing much better.

    Enjoyed the post!

  9. Well, as far as exercise goes, all I can say is I’m a big dork, and it involves LOUD music, and tossing/dancing with the kiddos. It’s probably not even exercise, but it’s fun…

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