In the last 5 years I have gained 180 pounds…

I am OHmommy.  And I am so happy to be here.  You can check out me out at home I am thrilled to be a part of this community and am excited to see what it will bring.

In the last five years I have gained a total of 180 pounds.  180 pounds.  Three pregnancies. 

I ate through my first pregnancy, I was 24, I weighed myself each day.   I gained 60 pounds and worried about each pound.  I gave birth to my son and lost all 60 pounds within a year.

I decided to enjoy my second pregnancy and threw out my scale, stepped backwards onto the one at the doctors.  I gained 60 pounds.I gave birth to my daughter and lost all 60 pounds in 10 months.

I exercised during my third pregnancy.  I weighed myself weekly and ate healthier (I was already cooking for two growing toddlers).  I gained 60 pounds.I gave birth to my daughter 9 months ago and I still have 20 pounds to loose.

My tummy is fluffy.  Very fluffy.  Everyone has their own idea of what it feels like to look good.  My goal is to feel good without my fluffy tummy, and to get out of my draw-sting sweats. 

(Just took a two minute break from blogging to grab a handful of Halloween M & Ms)

Hmmmmm…. this is going to be tough.


9 responses to “In the last 5 years I have gained 180 pounds…

  1. I’m impressed by your losing the 60 pounds in a year!

    Like you, I am already enjoying our little community. Support and accountability really help.

    Good to meet you –

  2. I’m so glad that I decided to do this blog. It’s going to be great. So many great people here already.

    You’ve got great start already, keep up the good work.

  3. Nice to meet you, OHmommy! Glad to hear your story.

    I’m glad you’ve been able to lose the weight between pregnancies at least!!

  4. I was so afraid for you when I saw the title of your post. As I read on I was very glad to learn that the 180 pounds was not cumulative. That would be so sad for you. Then I remembered, I am 140 pounds over weight! Awww Crap!

  5. Ah, Amy – you are funny.

    Nice to meet everyone!

  6. Like Amy, I was afraid when I saw the title of your post! I’m so glad you’ve had so many successes all along. I know you’ll get that last 20 off!

  7. Brilliant post title! And brilliant weight loss history – can’t wait to learn how you lost 60 pounds each time!

  8. Yum, MNMs. Thanks for joining us Amy.

  9. Great job losing – thanks for sharing!

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