The Bookworm Cometh

My name is Kymburlee.  Well, okay, that’s a lie.  My name is Kimberly, but I spell it funny because I think it’s a boring name.  If you give it some thought, this will tell you a great deal about me.

I’m twenty-nine years old, mother of two beautiful little girls (3 and 22 months), and I’m really, really fluffy.  I’m 5’9, and I was 135 pounds when I got married, 230 after having my second child, and I’m now at 184.  I will admit this to anyone and everyone.  I find the more I talk about my weight the easier it is to face it and fight it.  Yes, I bore a lot of people, but that’s a price I’m willing to pay.

I’m a bookworm.  When I’m worried by something, I read about it.  I research.  I sign out stacks of books from the library and I devour them.  When my fluffliness really hit home, this is what I did.  I studied for months and months, and consider myself a continuing student.  I am flooded with knowledge about nutrition and how our body functions.  I’ve used some of this knowledge…hence the loss of some fluff.

I’m stuck though.  Knowledge isn’t enough.  I’ve been bouncing between 182 and 187 since August.  So this?  This comes at just the right time.  I’m done being fluffy.  Done.

I once observed that I feel like my weight is a punishment.  A reckoning because of how judgmental I was during my skinny days.  And I just want to shout out into the cosmos.  “I’ve learned my lesson!  I’m ready to be skinny again!” 


5 responses to “The Bookworm Cometh

  1. I can tell you really ARE going to do it. Wow – 5’9″ and 135 – I can’t even imagine being that slender.

    I’ve read everything in the world about weight loss too. I know SO much about weight loss, but I have a hard time applying it. It’s not a knowledge issue, it’s a self control issue. And I’m lazy.

  2. I think everyone “knows” what steps to take. It’s just the “doing” that some of us have problems with… I wish I was 5’9″…

  3. You are so going to do this. We all are!

  4. I’m with ya Kim. I could write a book about how to loose weight in a healthy way but I wouldn’t be able to put my picture on it because it would be quite obvious that I don’t practice what I could preach.

    I’m glad to be here with you. There is power in numbers.

  5. Kimberly, I’m a bookworm, too! I know what ya mean! I can read all about a healthy lifestyle. Funny, though, that knowledge alone doesn’t seem to affect my metabolism all by itself, which seems a bit unfair.

    Also being a bookworm means I’d rather sit and read than do just about anything. If I have a choice between cozying up with a book and doing a workout that will leave me sweaty and gasping by the end? The book will win each time.

    So I’m trying to change my mindset about that and say that THIS time slot is for exercising, period, the end, forever and ever. THIS time slot is for leisure, i.e., reading as long as there is no snack bowl of chex mix alongside. Apple slices are okay.

    It’s a work in progress.

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