Quack Quack

My name is Keetha and I’m thrilled Sue let me come over here to play. This sounds like a great project. And a lot of fun. I blog at http://writekudzu.blogspot.com  

Like Sue, I was a whopping size eight in high school. And ate everything I wanted, whenever I wanted. All the time. I’d rather like to go back and grab that girl by the shoulders and shake her good. All size eight of her.

You know how many people who suffer from anorexia look at themselves in the mirror and see, instead of how they actually look, someone terribly overweight? (Note: I’m not making light in any form or fashion of anorexia. ) I think I have the opposite condition. I glance at my reflection while walking by and think, “Who’s the fat chick?” and keep walking.

I try on clothes and when I pick up garments in the next size up, because slacks of the size that used to be my fat size, while they may go up my thighs and around my waist, frankly, don’t look too happy there, I look at the tag and think, “That can’t be right.”

Same as when I see pictures of myself. That can’t be right. That can’t be me. That’s not what I look like. I’m a size eight! Without trying!

In July I got on board the health wagon. In about two months or less, I’d lost eleven pounds. Those were hard-won pounds, let me tell you. Lots of salads. LOTS of salads. Many, many, many salads. Early morning workouts to DVDs. Only 20 minutes, actually, which may not technically count as a workout but I figure if I do something for five minutes, well, that’s five minutes more than I was doing yesterday. One weekend friends were down visiting. We stayed up late that Friday evening, drinking beer and talking. The next morning, I got up and made myself go walk, hangover and all. I was devoted. Those eleven pounds were so motivating. (I talked about it to whoever would listen. Listen to me: It’s always eleven pounds, never just ten.)

A week after that, my brother and his family were here for the weekend. While he was here, he solved all kinds of techno problems, like hooking up the DVD and VCR in my son’s room and something with the TV in the den. It involved programming multiple remote controls and buying cables and I don’t know what all.

That Monday morning when I got up to do my little workout, the TV had no sound when playing a DVD. Which sounds like an excuse not to work out, but seriously – it’s hard to do without the cues. So I took it to dear son’s room and tried to – earnestly – work out in there. The room set up is different and it just . . . didn’t work.

I got a cable thingey for the sound or whatever for the den TV the next day and by that Wednesday should have been back on track. Should being the operative work. I don’t know what it was about missing those two or three days but that was all it took to have me thoroughly off the wagon.

Over the next few months, I gained four pounds, lost three, gained one, lost two, blah, blah, blah.

Currently, I’m back where I was when I had lost those eleven pounds this summer. Had I kept to the salads and the early morning rendezvous with my DVD player, I’d have lost what, 15 or 20 more pounds since then??

I’m thrilled to be a part of this and am looking forward to getting to know everybody. I have ideas for other posts where I’ll try to mention the eleven pounds only once. Or twice. Eleven pounds.


5 responses to “Quack Quack

  1. Keetha, I think 11 pounds is great. Better than 10 and definitely better than what I’ve accomplished thus far. Yay you!

  2. Eleven pounds is GREAT. I mean, if you woke up tomorrow and found you were eleven pounds down, instantly, you’d be thrilled, right? “They don’t look to happy there.” LOL

    Oh, and I just want to clarify – I wasn’t a size eight in high school. Well, wait, actually i was. I was an eight, and a six, and a ten, and a twelve, and a fourteen, but mainly a fourteen. Up, down, up, down, up, down, up… you get the picture. Then after high school I lost a lot of weight in extremely unhealthy ways and stayed mostly in the six to ten range for a while.

  3. Eleven Pounds! go you! After my first baby, I lost 65 pounds in three weeks. . . I’ve managed to put it all back on but I always cherish the 65. sigh.

  4. Oooo…we have a wee bit in common. I was a size eight too, and it all kind of snuck up on me. I tell people I have the opposite of anorexia as well. When I look in the mirror I see a skinny person. ~sigh~ I’m trying to focus not on how long it’s taken me to lose the weight I’ve lost, I’m focusing on how much. That magic number that says, Hey! I weigh less than I used to! ‘Cause really? That rocks.

  5. I might have been a size eight at some point but it would have likely been in about 6th grade and not high school..LOL

    I can relate to seeing pictures and thinking that it just can’t be right. I try to avoid the full length mirror at all costs because it’s hard to wrap my brain around the fact that the obese girl is me.

    I’m glad we are here together. We can do it!!

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