Give us the skinny

Oh, man, I can tell I am going to have a hard time resisting the urge to make a WHOLE bunch of really bad puns on this blog.  Ahem.  ANYWAY.

What’s your story?  Where are you at in the weight loss process?  What are your goals?  Any special program?  Spill it here.  I’ll post mine in the comments tomorrow, my husband is threatening to shut off the internet if I don’t step away from the computer.


7 responses to “Give us the skinny

  1. I started Weight Watchers earlier this week when I stepped on the scales and nearly had a stroke from the shock. I’m not particularly worried about starting before the holidays — I know I’ll face temptation but I also intend to beat temptation back with a stick.

  2. I have three children, a 4-yr-old and 1-yr-old twins. This twin prignancy left me with more of me than I’d like. Approximately 20 pounds more. I know that doesn’t seem like much, but it’s ‘much’ to me, who has been the same weight since 14 years of age — basically for the past 20 years — so anything extra just seems like it doesn’t belong. I am also addicted to sugar, so I’m trying to break that. I can’t really workout, because I have fibromyalgia and the exercise right now is killing my joints and muscles. But we’re trying to find things to help with that so I can get exercising again. Infertility treatments to have these children didn’t help either.

    Funny, though, when I was in high school, I did body-building muscle workouts, so I was a muscle-y girl. Now, I just feel tired, and bigger. The only real way I can work on the weight right now is through eating better.

    Thanks for letting me participate!

  3. Hi Magirk – welcome! I think I’m going to do WW online – or something like that. I need to sit down and figure it out. I would like to lose about 50 pounds. Maybe 60. Mostly, I just want to start moving in that direction.

  4. My goal is to be smokin HOT. That’s all. the end.

  5. Please don’t smack me, but I’m one of those girls who is pre-pregnancy and a size six… BUT don’t get me wrong, I’m most definitely fluffy, primarily in the tummy area. I just dropped some weight recently (from a 10), just by cutting back on alcohol, and that was a nice little push to get me on track. Problem is, I HATE working out. I haven’t worn a two-piece swimsuit since I was little, and I’ve never ever had a flat tummy. So that’s my goal! Well, and to be smokin’ hot (thanks Caroline :))

  6. After having my last baby (who’s almost two now), I was at 230 pounds. Ouch. I mean, I’m tall, but ouch! I started married life as a skinny-winny, and the weight kinda snuck up on me. I mean, I knew I was bigger, but I didn’t realize how bad it was until I saw a full length photo of me. Since I’m usually the camera woman, I don’t often make it into pictures. Again. Ouch. So I did what bookworms do. I went to the library. I might have lost the weight quicker if I’d gone to the gym instead. But hey, what’cha gonna do? So I’ve read just about every weight loss and nutrition book it’s possible to get through out tiny library, and I’m packed full of knowledge. I’ve put some to use, and I’m down to 184 now. Been stuck in the 182-187 range for months now though, and I need to kick it up into high gear. Time to fight the fluffy!

  7. I just posted about where I am but I’ll pretty much sum it up here “going nowhere fast”. I’m glad to have been allowed to join this blog and hope that it will be the kick in the pants that I need.

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