an overview

I’m Caroline. My regular life could be found here. I’m a fabulously amazing, albeit fluffy, woman, who is also super dorked about this blog. 

My weight is baby related. I have four kids… My oldest is three… All single births… And to top that off, I’ve pretty much been bedridden for the last 4 years. (Yeah, I’m SO over being pregnant.) In that time, I’ve managed to pack on a whopping 100 pounds. Oh yeah. You got that right.

Therefore, I need to lose weight in the worst way.  And I’ve tried before. Kinda. Sorta. Okay, probably not at all. Once upon a time, my mom bought me a membership to Weight Watcher…  I didn’t really appreciate it at the time. 

Then I got my family pictures taken. Whoa! about sums it up. My rear just kept going and going… I had not one, but two chinny-chin-chins… And I don’t know about you, but my goal has and always will remain, “To not have my rolls show through my clothing”   but I could count them all… and I promptly wanted to curl up in a hole and die. My only defense is that I rocked my hair.

So this time, I’m back on Weight Watchers. I’m doing the points thing (I tried the CORE plan. It’s not my friend.) And so far, so good.

My goal is to be the hot mom. You’ve seen ’em. The ones that are ultra cute and skinny. The ones who are wearing the same clothes as their teenage daughters. The ones that I am almost scared to talk to and desperately want to be like, even though I secretly and passionately hate them, all in one breath.

I want to be secretly hated… 


10 responses to “an overview

  1. You can do this! I have nearly as many pound to lose and I’m just getting started.

    So here’s the deal: You lose your pounds and I’ll lose mine and when we’re done we can secretly hate hate each other for being so damn cute. Because we will be.

  2. “…but my goal has and always will remain, “To not have my rolls show through my clothing”” Ha! I thoroughly support you in that goal, tee hee – I think I’m going to have to steal that form you.

    I’m glad you are here with us!

  3. Oh Jen, I promise to hate you with all my heart… Sue, it’s a good goal.

  4. I’ll hate you, too, if that makes you feel better. I know exactly who those hot moms are. They’re everywhere!

    We can do it!

  5. Oh, you are just brilliant! I want to be secretly hated too!

  6. Secretly hated. That’s my goal!

  7. Hello Caroline. We can do this. NO ROLLS THROUGH THE CLOTHES!!! Maybe that can be our mantra :o) I also promise to practically despise the new skinny you.

  8. You guys make me laugh!

    So, to go mildly off-topic, how far apart are your babies? (We are nearing the birth of our second, which will be 15 months after our first; I keep wondering if we are crazy…)

  9. Paul – my timing for children is as follows:

    12 months (364 days to be exact)
    17 months
    12 months

    It’s a little crazy, lots of fun, and very very exhausting. Congrats on the impeding arrival!

  10. How do those hot moms do it? I thought it was genetic or something. I secretly wish to be one too.

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