Lead me not into temptation — especially at Target

Posted by Jen:

I just started Weight Watchers several days ago. After nearly a decade of needing to deal with my weight — and nearly a decade of being in denial — I finally took the plunge. I mean, come on, it only counts as baby weight if one’s children are actually babies. Mine are 9 and 7.

The day after I gave WW my credit card number and authorized them to make monthly charges just so that I could have the privilege of tracking my food, points, exercise, and weight on their website, I went to the grocery store. The first time since I took the plunge. To make matters worse, I went to THREE stores back to back. (In 90 minutes, no less, but that’s another story.) (Ooh! Does racewalking through a grocery store count as exercise?)

The first store I went to was Harris Teeter. The Teeter folks have totally gotten the jump on the holidays and there were mouthwatering displays everywhere I turned. All the supplies necessary to bake and decorate cookies — Aisle 2. Ingredients for pumpkin pie — Aisle 5. By the time I got to the rear of the store, even fruitcake was starting to look good.


And if THAT looks good, then I clearly have a problem. I resisted temptation, paid for my salad fixings, and got the heck out of the store.

Next, I went to Whole Foods (affectionately known as Whole Paycheck here in Jenworld). The temptation continued anew — only this time it was all organic. As if organic chocolate would be any healthier for my hips and tush. Again, I put my blinders on and got through the store as fast as I could. (Yay! More racewalking!)
My final stop was Sam’s Club (a.k.a. Hell, because I do feel as though I’m dying by fire in there). Not only were there all sorts of tempting goodies, they were SUPERSIZED. To wit: 75 pound sacks of M&Ms — in holiday colors no less. Oh, and the samples. Normally, I find the samples at Sam’s to be utterly repulsive. I’m simply not interested in trying corn dogs or batter-fried venison. On my recent trip, even Spam sounded good. I hightailed it out of there. (Again, more racewalking.)

It felt great to resist temptation so thoroughly, especially that night when I looked at my points and saw that I had stayed within my daily allotment and hadn’t used any discretionary points.

I felt less smug on Friday when I went to World Market. Normally World Market is my source for British chocolates, such as this:

Cadbury’s Crunchie bar

If you’ve never had this particular yummy, I can only describe it as heaven on earth. Yum. Truly addictive. So there I was at my dealer and I couldn’t even get a fix.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, I could have bought one candy bar and then either blown a chunk of my discretionary points in one sitting or had just a single bite each day. But that’s not how I roll, which is how I ended up becoming a WW customer. And this early into it, I didn’t feel that I could afford any missteps. So I got the things I was in there for and left.

Yesterday was the hardest and most difficult temptation. I went to Target.

I don’t know about your local neighborhood Tar-zhay, but ours has aisle upon aisle of foods just for the holidays. Stocking stuffers, baking supplies, gourmet treats, and about eleventy squillion types of M&Ms — my particular favorite and all in holiday colors.

I grabbed a few things specifically for my children and then got out of there, shopping cart tires squealing as I rounded the corner and headed for the safety of the cleaning supplies aisle. Yet another temptation resisted.

But here’s the thing, as we approach the holidays, I’m going to face temptation time and time again. There will be parties and more trips to Tar-zhay and goodies lovingly baked for us by neighbors. I’m going to partake at some point, it’s just a matter of prioritzing and not having a treat every time I’m faced with one. And when I do indulge, to do so in a reasonable fashion. A few M&Ms are okay; diving face-first into a vat of them and swimming around is not. Remembering the numbers on my scales — what they are currently and what I want them to be, is helping me stay strong and not stray.

And if I do slip up once? I’m not going to beat myself up over it. (Well, hopefully not.) Each day is a new day and I am determined to win this fight and come out of it a whole lot thinner.


11 responses to “Lead me not into temptation — especially at Target

  1. Yea you! That’s a lot of temptation that you successfully avoided!

    I get what you mean – if I’d eat just a serving of M&Ms, whatever that is, rather than the entire king size bag at one sitting, it’d be okay!

    We’re going to do this. It sounds like you’re off to a great start.

  2. You go, girl! And…um…could I have those M&M’s you’re not eating? I don’t mind taking one for the team.

  3. I hope the next days havent been so dramatically difficult. Good job resisting. You can do it.

  4. Going to the store is hard. I’ve been doing Weight Watchers now for almost 2 years (long story), and I’ve found that the “little restaurants” (as a young family member calls the sample counters at Costco) can be deadly to your daily points.

    One thing that helps me when I’m going to be out and about is to chew gum. If I have to dispose of the gum before I snack on the samples, I will really consider whether it is worth it or not. (Sometimes it is!)

    Good luck! Hope you like you WW leader. That can make all the difference.

  5. You can totally do this. I’ve never done weight watchers but I love that you can eat a little of the no-no’s and not want to kill yourself. Good luck and thanks for the post!!

  6. It’s great that you can identify your temptations. That’s half the battle.

    I’ve been tracking calories at a different site (SparkPeople.com) and just doing that by itself has really helped. I’m very aware of what I’m eating, and before I eat it I think about whether it’s worth sitting down at the laptop and logging it.

    Oh, and water — lots and lots of water. I used to go a whole day on a cup of coffee and a can of Coke. Now I’m drinking around 8c of water a day. All that running to the loo is great exercise!

  7. 75 POUNDS of MnMs? Holy crap.

    “That’s not how I roll…” Me either. I can’t be just a little bit bad. I have to be super bad or super good. That’s part of why I struggle so much, I can’t even be bad in moderation….

  8. I’m like Sue. It’s all or nothing. I HAVE no self control. the Pringles commercial “Bethca can’t eat just one.” is all me. Or maybe it’s Lays? Whatever. The point is, good for you.

  9. FluffySue: I may have, perhaps, exaggerated a bit when I wrote 75 pounds of M&Ms. But just think about it! Wow…

    Caroline: I have been known to polish off an entire can of Pringles in one day, so I understand the self control thing far too well.

  10. I don’t roll that way either. I roll in other ways though, which is why I’m here. Target’s seasonal aisle is eeeevillll! And Crunchie bars? Umm…I could eat half a dozen of those in one sitting. I think I did once. Ouch. They sell them at the supermarket up here, along with many other Cadbury goodies. Ever feel like the world is out to get you? Yeah. Anyway, good for you for starting out strong!

  11. Stores are the worst. They have people that know what they are doing and where to position certain foods to get to you. Hubby does most of the shopping so if I can just get him to quit buying junk it will be start.

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