Who, What, When, Where, Why…

By Sue

Hey there – thanks for stopping by! I am so super dorked out right now, I can’t even tell you. I’m bubbling over with excitement about having a place to obsess over my weight with everyone.

Why did I call it Fight the Fluffy? Way back when, pre-kids, pre-marriage, my best friend and I, who liked to imagine that we were absolutely hideously overweight, (we were both about a size eight, a size I would KILL to be right now) decided that we would no longer refer to ourselves as fat, only fluffy. After all, we were hot chicks, just – a little fluffier than we wanted to be. And now I’m extra fluffy. Super fluffy even. But fluffy can still be cute, and soft, and all things beautimous. It’s just – also fluffy.

Also, it’s easy to make duck/chick jokes, and it was the first thing I thought of, and I’m lazy.

So what are the rules? This is your blog. It’s not mine. A few of my fellow bloggers have oh so graciously agreed to serve as co-moderators – to both make sure things run smoothly and to keep things interesting.

But EVERYONE on the sidebar there? Is an important part of this group blog.

I hope you post, and post often. You don’t have to post on a specific day. You can post several times a week, or once. You can post whatever you’d like, but it should be related to weight loss or fitness or weight or body issues or – something like that – even if it is only tangenentially related. (Is that a word? I have no idea. Whatever word means sorta related? That’s what I mean.)

A very very very very very important part of participating here? (Somebody wanna take a guess what might be important to me? Anyone? Anyone?) Commenting. Please participate and comment as best you can. We’re doing this so that we can support each other, and the way people feel supported is by getting that feedback. I know you all know what I mean. This is for us. So that we can help each other work toward our goals, or work through them, or deal with our failures, or whatever it is. It’s for us. So comment, even if all you have to say is “I understand” or “hee hee.”

A few guidelines: Be sure to put a link to this blog on your blog’s homepage. When you post here, it’s a nice idea to mention and link your FTF post on your regular blog, although I’m not gonna enforce that.

If you are a blogger who wants to participate, but thinks we are crazy for starting right before Thanksgiving, join us when you are ready. Hopefully some of us will last that long :>

So you ready? Get your links on, and go for it!

If you want to post on Fight the Fluffy, email Jennifer at jenontheedge (at) embarqmail (dot) com.


18 responses to “Who, What, When, Where, Why…

  1. Gotta get my link on….but I’m here.

    I love fluffy, so much better than lumpy, which is what we used to call ourselves as “overweight” size 8s.

  2. Hey. This is going to be fun, I believe.

    Do you think you can add the name of the poster on the main page? I can’t figure out how to tell who posted the article…. Am I just missing something?

  3. WW-Paul: I couldn’t figure it out either, so I just put my name at the top of my post.

    Sue: Thanks for getting this all started! You rock Bossy Chick!

  4. Okay I am game…I just came across a college picture of me in a string bikini and went doooooh!! and then waaaaah!!! Good bodies are wasted on the youth. That’s the REAL saying. heee…ok seriously I am not nuts with unrealistic expectations, but well what can I say? Man! I looked good. Shoot me.

  5. Oooh, I’m gonna have so much fun tormenting you guys! Not now, though – I’ve got to start planning our Thanksgiving feast. See ya in January!

  6. I will try to figure out why the names aren’t posting – I’m still trying to figure out the whole – WordPress thing…

  7. Great blog!

    I weighed around 110 BC (before kids). Now I’d be thrilled just to get back down to 130! Looking forward to following everyone’s progress.

  8. Hey, if any of you are WordPress gurus, let me know. I’m SO lost. Welcome Elizabeth and Hope!

  9. Sue,

    Contact me offline. I host several WordPress blogs (not on WordPress.com), and I’ve created my own themes for them. Maybe I can help.

  10. So excited! Already have the linky up in my sidebar! Yay for you for doing something that’s going to transform lives!

  11. I am 8 weeks+ postpartum, child #6. I started WW after my 4th child I believe. I just was going to go to my first weigh-in this morning but realized too late that I won’t make it. I was up a lot of the last few nights with sick kids so finally slept in this morning. I had lost a total of about 45 lbs the first time I lost weight and had kept it off and even lost my pregnancy weight after my 5th pretty quickly. This time, however, I have 15-20 lbs and can feel that I am going to have to really push myself or I will begin going up soon. I have a horrible addiction to mint M&M’s…’tis the season and I have a month to go and have hit about a bag/day for the past 3-4 days! Help!!! I will be checking on here often! One question, how do I put the link into my sidebar? I have meant to put several people’s blogs that I read regularily on there but don’t know how! I just learned how to link a post onto someone else’s blog but haven’t tried it yet so don’t have any idea if this is the same thing or totally different. Will be back soon!

  12. Love the blog, put the link up.

  13. Hi, I’m Randi’s blog friend (East of Eden) and I also have a blog called Chicken Fat (how appropo for your fowl-ly themed blog). I’ve alreday lost 30# of fluff this year….so, I’m more than happy to help spread the weight loss around. The linke to you all will be up shortly.

  14. I’ve lurked. Now I’ll speak.

    I’m the highest weight I’ve been not pregnant. I’ve taken the maternity leave time and I’ve done almost nothing with it. (I’ve got two weeks left before I go back to work.)

    I’ve stopped exercising, though we don’t own a car, so we walk or bus everywhere (groceries and errands).

    I’ve not cared about how much I’ve eaten. I’ve been so whelmed with kids (up to fourth and last now).

    My fat pants no longer fit.

    I now get winded walking up stairs, though I have endurance to walk long distances (like 30 minutes to the grocery store).

    I want some semblance of my body back. I would like to be able to sleep better. What I’d really like is for some one to take control of my eating habits so that it’s one fewer things that I have to think about.

    I think I’ve taken a first step in a different direction.

  15. cool – i’ll post comments and will jump in.

    i am now drinking more water than i ever thought i could. my new goal.
    now i’m working on cutting the sugar.

    by the way 15 pounds lost is awesome!!
    What do you think helped you the most in losing it?

  16. I’m over here via Kimberly and would love to join and post here. I’ve been touching on my weight loss a bit on my regular blog, too, but posting here where everyone is concentrating on weight loss would be great.

    Did I forget to say please?

  17. Hey I want to join!! I love to talk about weighty issues and boy after Christmas it is time to start doing something productive in that Area.

  18. This sounds hilarious? Why hasn’t this site been updated for a while?

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